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Mission Statement

It is the mission of Shindler Neff LLP to provide high quality legal services to our clients and to safeguard and promote the integrity of the legal profession.


About SHindler NEFF LLP

Shindler Neff LLP is an Ohio law firm based in Toledo, Ohio with attorneys who practice in a variety of different areas and jurisdictions, including the United States federal court system and the courts of the states of Ohio and Michigan.  The diversity of background and experience among our attorneys in both legal and non-legal areas enables our firm to offer a complete range of skills to serve our clients in business, governmental and personal legal matters. While equipped to handle complex legal matters, our firm prides itself on vigorously advocating for all clients and being responsive to their individual needs. Our firm treasures its reputation as a pre-eminent, full-service law firm with a rich history and promising future.



January, 2016: The firm announces its new name, Shindler Neff LLP
June, 2015: Todd Williams has been hired as an associate.

March, 2015: Attorney, Louis Yoppolo announced his retirement

January, 2015: Attorney, Catherine Noble announced her retirement

May, 2013: Martin E. Mohler was elected president of the Ohio State Bar Association

January, 2013: Attorney, Matthew O. Hutchinson is now a partner with the firm.

January, 2013: Attorney, Eric Komuniecki has been hired as an associate.

August, 2011: Shindler, Neff, Holmes, Worline & Mohler, LLP announces its new name.


(currently for Attorney, Matthew Hutchinson)

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